Things to do

Whether you're looking for inexpensive mementos and souvenirs, artisanal crafts, or locally sourced produce and foods, you will find it at one of the many local markets.


Depending on the time of year, you may be able to participate in the turtle conservation program in the area. Night time turtle patrols take place in the summer and continue into the early winter. Patrols find nests, collect the eggs and transfer them to the turtle camps for protection and monitoring. Later in the season, beginning in early fall, those same eggs hatch! Schedule your vacation for September through February and you can be a part of one of the turtle releases where the tortuguitas (baby turtles) are carefully sent on their way back to the ocean. However you participate, the experience it is sure to be a lifelong memory!

Beaches, beaches, beaches!

Miles and miles of beach opens onto the waters of the Pacific. From surfing in world class Sayulita or San Blas, to the gentle lap of waves in Guayabitos, you can find it all within a few minutes drive. Beach walks don't get any better than this. And of course there is the beach at the end of the street!

Crocodiles, turtle release, seasonal whale watching, or the blue footed boobies at the Islas are here to excite you. Or sit and sip a margarita at the malecon and watch the pelicans dive for their dinner.

Snorkel Islas Coral and Cangrega, both eco-preserves. Explore the hidden beach at Islas Marietas. Blue waters and soft sand are here for the taking.

Take a day trip to the ruins at Ixtlan del Rio. Stop by on your way back at the lava fields and the semi active Ceboruco volcano where you can walk through the steam fumeroles.

Hot springs, cold springs, jungle tours, water sports, petroglyphs, ruins, hiking, visit the Huichol villages, and so much more!! Do it all, or just relax by the pool or on the beach.

Welcome to Mexico!