I'm Fine and I'm Back!


Welcome back, readers! Although technically, I think I’m the one who has been absent. I’ve been writing, just no place to publish. All written up and no place to post?

I’ll try to fill you in...and keep it to the Readers’ Digest Condensed Version.

Flash back to the end of July. I am a member of a group on Facebook dealing with vacation rentals. A new member posted that she was, in fact, new to the group, had a question she was sure had probably been asked, but couldn’t find any threads on the topic. So she asked a question...which had indeed been asked and answered, but hey, she’s new and it was a valid topic. Some other member launched a tirade filled with expletives about the newbie wasting our ti...

Rainy Season


Sunny, hot, humid days. A nightly deluge. Our rainy season is here.

Siestas are vital this time of year. I find I do whatever chores are needed in fits and starts. Work for half an hour, retreat indoors for another half hour.

A McRose By Any Other Name


I was in PV with a friend yesterday. She needed some medical tests done that aren't available here in La Peñita. After the tests, which took more time than we anticipated, we were starving. So, we went across the street and had lunch at.....wait for it...McDonald's!!

We Wait...


We wait for rain.

There is a thirsty feel to La Peñita. A parched tiredness. Listlessness is the order of the day. The rainy season is almost here. But not yet.

My Boy, Jack


When my friend, Jan, was here, her trip was cut short by a dying family member. Darby, a stubby legged ball of fur that was a devoted friend. Jan's corgi developed some health complications while she was here requiring some agonizing, very long distance decisions.

In the end, Jan flew home a day early, but it was not in time to say her goodbyes. Darby was already gone.

Language is Easy...Or Not.


Language. This seems to be a repetitive theme in my tales from here. So get ready for the next foray into my ongoing Spanish development.


Sofía turned two in march. Like most other two year olds she is a bustling dervish of activity exploring her world. Her little mind is like a sponge beneath those nearly black curls as she learns her numbers and colors as well as a variety of useful phrases.

My Name Is...

"My name is Lissa. Like Melissa without the 'Muh'"

Lo de Perla Jungle Garden and Secluded Beaches

Again, I’ve been slacking. That seems to happen when I have someone here visiting. This time, the guest was my friend, Jan. We managed to cram a whole lot into her brief time here, as well as some welcomed pool and beach time.

Spring Parade!

Spring has come to Mexico. Even without specific weather indicators, we would know by one specific thing: the children’s spring parade.
As I’ve previously mentioned, it doesn’t take much for the people of Mexico to come up with a reason to celebrate. Parades are numerous. There seems to be a major enough holiday every month to warrant the spectacle. But none is more fun than the march in March to usher in spring. The special thing about this parade is that it is made up totally of children!

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