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Two units to choose from, a one bedroom upstairs in the main building, and a two bedroom casita off the courtyard.

When you need a break from the sightseeing and beach days, retreat to the quiet, walled courtyard. Take a dip in the hand tiled pool, read a book, and enjoy the tropical garden.

Walk out the front gate, look to your right, and the blue of the Pacific beckons you less than a block away.

Nesting Turtles

Depending on the time of year, you may be able to participate in the turtle conservation program in the area. Night time turtle patrols take place in the summer and continue into the early winter. Patrols find nests, collect the eggs and transfer them to the turtle camps for protection and monitoring. Later in the season, beginning in early fall, those same eggs hatch! Schedule your vacation for September through February and you can be a part of one of the turtle releases where the tortuguitas (baby turtles) are carefully sent on their way back to the ocean. However you participate, the experience it is sure to be a lifelong memory!

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